Make Election Day a National Holiday

You Gotta Fight For Your Right! Every American deserves the right to cast their vote, regardless of when or where they work. Keeping Election Day on a normal business day just doesn’t make sense anymore. If it was created for the convenience of voters 200 years ago, why can’t it be moved to a day … Continued

Small Businesses Can Make A Huge Impact

You and Your Employees Can Shape the Future Being a small business owner creates more flexibility in the way we can use our time. The time is ours to decide how to use it. When it comes to Election Day, it is often hard for employees to wait in line to cast their votes. The … Continued

You Can Make a Great Impact

Polling Stations Need Your Help Many polling stations around the country are run by volunteer teams often comprised of retired seniors. Due to COVID-19, a large number of these folks may not be coming out to help at their local stations. This is where you may come in. If there aren’t enough poll workers to … Continued

Vote Early, In-Person

Have to Work on Election Day? You May Still Be Able to Hit the Polls. If you’re an employee that cannot get Election Day off (and are perhaps a bit untrusting of this year’s mail-in voting process) there may still be a way to cast your vote. Depending on what state you live in, you … Continued

Voting By Mail

Everything You Need To Know We’d like you to know what your state’s protocol and deadlines are so you can get your ballot in on time and have it count, should you choose to vote by mail. This is especially important for those uncomfortable going to polling stations due to COVID-19 and for American workers … Continued

Let Workers Vote

A Small Change Can Make a Big Difference One of the most important things we can do as American citizens is vote. However, nearly 50% of the United States’ population is the every-business-day American worker, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Keeping Election Day on a Tuesday is decidedly inconvenient for our society … Continued

Advertising In Dark Times

The idea of advertising during this pandemic may have you feeling a bit conflicted. You might be unsure of how to get your brand in front of people without seeming opportunistic. Things are different. The world has vastly changed. It feels, just a little, like wartime. A time when everyone had to pull together for … Continued

5 Tips for Taking Better Pictures with Your Phone

There’s no getting around it—the importance of visuals in the marketing landscape today can be the make or break factor for your brand. Luckily, taking great photos is now easier than ever. Before the Smartphone era, being able to capture a high-quality photo was strictly for the pros. This often required buying and using pricey … Continued

Stock vs Original Photography

There’s an old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  We couldn’t agree more.  Finding the right imagery is essential to helping to define a brand and influence how customers perceive the brand. Consider this: “67% of online shoppers rated high quality images as being “very important” to their purchase decision, which was slightly more … Continued