At the time, advertising and design were separate disciplines, and we were just beginning to appreciate the magic that happens when the two meet. Now, we go by Romanelli Communications, as we are a Small, boutique firm that combines all aspects of marketing communications to deliver an integrated solution for our clients.

So what the hell does that mean, really? Well, here’s the short elevator pitch:

“You know how people have money? We help you get them to give it to you for what you’re selling.”

And how do we do that? Well, every situation is different, but as with all agencies, it comes down to one thing: people (ok, two things: people and dogs, but let’s focus on the people for now). People thrive when culture works. We’ve always been Small. Unapologetically so. We believe a Small team will always be more creative, because we have to be. As a proud Small agency, we know that we have to be better at solving our clients’ problems. Small lets us take risks. Small lets us create breakthrough results. Small means every member of the team must live a client’s brand. Small is smart. In fact, Small is smarter.

Let us show you why Small is the only way to get Big Ideas.

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AMI Accredited Agency

UAS (Drone) Certified

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