You Gotta Fight For Your Right!

Every American deserves the right to cast their vote, regardless of when or where they work. Keeping Election Day on a normal business day just doesn’t make sense anymore. If it was created for the convenience of voters 200 years ago, why can’t it be moved to a day that’s convenient for voters today? Short answer: it can be.

Making Election Day a federal holiday would allow millions of American workers to take part in their most important role in our democracy…on the most important day in our democracy.

Please help us urge Congress to make Election Day a national holiday. A great place to start would be signing a petition like the one started here by Blue Point Brewery. You can also share our page on social media. Get the word out there!

Please support our democracy! Don’t stop fighting for the right to let every working American of age cast their vote.

Let workers vote!
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by Joe Romanelli, President
(Hear what his dog has to say about him)