Let’s face it, buyers are in control. 94% of buyers conduct online research at some point during the buying process, and more than 70% of consumers use three or more channels when researching a purchase. Because of this, it is more important than ever to develop an integrated approach as the foundation of any marketing strategy. We make sure our clients’ brand stories are consistent, whether in a PR story, Pinterest post, TV spot, or PPC ad. A consistent and integrated message is the key to reaching increasingly savvy consumers.

We start with research, learning about the product, service, audience, market, and more. Together with our client, we set our goal for the work. We devise a strategy to meet that goal, employing all the digital and traditional tools of branding and strategic marketing we need, and create work that stands out. We inform that work with research-backed keyword and consumer trend analysis and media purchasing, giving your promotion the maximum focus and exposure for your investment. And your campaigns are fully connected: ads and banners match other media, are tailored for linked web content and the audience, and give them the answers they need, following them to conversion.

It doesn’t stop there. We don’t set your campaign in motion and walk away. We monitor the performance of each part of a campaign, regularly measuring consumer interest, interaction, and conversions. From this data, we make adjustments to our creative and media strategies, in a constant feedback cycle to improve performance every time.

All of your marketing efforts only matter if you can increase sales. That’s where our online strategy comes in: increased lead generation. We have branded this digital research and analytics strategy “STORM”: Strategic Online Response Management. If your campaign includes any digital component—online ads, interactive elements, web promotions and support, and more—we put the STORM to work for you. This strategy provides you with measurable results; and more, better-qualified prospects. Combined with strong consumer conversion and customer support on your part, it also leads to strong revenue growth.

Our clients can tell you: this approach is one of the most effective ways to market in a digital world, and they have the sales to prove it. See how a little smarts can make a world of difference.