Have to Work on Election Day? You May Still Be Able to Hit the Polls.

If you’re an employee that cannot get Election Day off (and are perhaps a bit untrusting of this year’s mail-in voting process) there may still be a way to cast your vote.

Depending on what state you live in, you may be able to vote early, in-person. PLAN YOUR VOTE: How to vote by mail and register to vote in each state is a great resource to help you understand “everything you need to know about mail-in and early in-person voting.”

This site is updated in real time as states update their rules.

Don’t wait! Click the link today to know for sure how and when you can cast your vote so it counts!

Afterward, please support our 2020 campaign in helping to Let Workers Vote.

Visit letworkersvote.com to learn more.

by Joe Romanelli, President
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