You and Your Employees Can Shape the Future

Being a small business owner creates more flexibility in the way we can use our time. The time is ours to decide how to use it.

When it comes to Election Day, it is often hard for employees to wait in line to cast their votes. The lines are long and wait times are up. Taking 2 or 3 hours on a lunch break just isn’t feasible and if an employee’s shift doesn’t coincide with the hours of the polling stations, they may not get to vote at all. It’s an unfortunate byproduct of voting on a business day.

To us, inaccessible = unacceptable.

As a small business owner, you can help let your workers vote. We understand that not every business owner may be able to shut down for the day but there are other creative ways you can help let your employees get to the polling stations without having to worry about how long it takes them.

Try staggering shifts or allowing longer lunch hours for this day, for those who may be scheduled to work during polling hours. Consider swapping an existing holiday, such as President’s Day or Columbus Day for Election Day. Or if your employees can work from home, let them put their time in from there throughout the day, where they can easily make up the time from when they were at the polling stations.

Please help your workers vote any way you can.

And please support our 2020 campaign in helping to Let Workers Vote.

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by Joe Romanelli, President
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