Remember when we’d go for a ride to come see you? The fun we used to have together throwing the idea ball back and forth? Well, we’ve really missed that. It’s been a ruff year, well, 7 years for us pups. It’s been hard on our humans here too. We could sense that they were really sad about it.

We love spending time with all of you and really look forward to running around again. We’re so excited about it, so full of built-up energy, that we’re bouncing all over the place! We’ve been cooped up here long enough. So if you’re feeling frisky, let’s set a playdate. Come visit us at our office. Or, we can grab snacks together. We can do photo shoots, video shoots, or even just hang out in our conference room. Let’s take advantage of getting our time back together and fetch new opportunities.

We’ve got all of our vaccination papers. So, it’s finally safe for us to get together and play!

by Joe Romanelli, President
(Hear what his dog has to say about him)