This isn’t a story about the statistics of this year’s Boston Marathon, or the great exposure our clients received, or even the security concerns surrounding the event. It’s about something bigger than ourselves. About how, once you get past the world-class runners, corporate sponsors, and qualifying times, you find everything you need to rekindle your […]Continue Reading


Did you have a favorite Super Bowl ad this year? As ad folks, we of course had to weigh in. So were any of them worth the $50M it cost for 30 seconds of air time? We’re hearing a lot of disappointment this year, but we beg to differ! When deciding if a spot worked, […]Continue Reading


The village of Whitesboro is deciding that question tonight, and their story has gotten national attention. Our corporate office is located in Clinton, NY, not far from Whitesboro, and several of our staff are alumni of Whitesboro high school, so Whitesboro, we speak to you with true affection as your leaders take up the issue […]Continue Reading


We believe…in LOVE! ‘Tis the season, and all that. As the Beatles once said, “All You Need Is Love”. In fact, many other great poets have proclaimed it, too. “Love Is All Around”. “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing”. And so many others. So yes, we believe in love. Oh, and peace. Family. Friends. Including […]Continue Reading


The perfect illustration of launching a business and generating pre-opening buzz—something every entrepreneur wants—is Utica’s own Ocean Blue Restaurant. In the Mohawk Valley (unless you’re living under a rock) you’ve seen or heard something about this unique bar and restaurant that just opened on the top floor of the newly renovated Landmarc building in downtown Utica. […]Continue Reading


Sterling Cooper never had to worry about hiring a web guy—nor could they imagine a web gal!  But if you’ve ever dreamed of putting your programming and design skills to work in a Mad Men environment, we might be the place for you. (Minus some of the drinking, most of the smoking, and all of […]Continue Reading


By now, you know we love to work with Brands We Believe In, like First Source Federal Credit Union, for whom we just wrapped filming on 3 new TV spots. We also love to support local businesses, and we couldn’t be more grateful to two more Brands We Believe In (and two of our favorite […]Continue Reading


Does your website make you feel like you threw a great party and nobody came? How do you get people to stop by, and keep coming back, without crashing your website? You want to be popular, but you don’t want disappointed viewers, and a tarnished reputation. We’re helping hometown favorites the Utica Comets—a great brand […]Continue Reading


Learn how our donation to animal shelters magically grew this year Those of you who know us know we’re dog people. If you’re not sure, check out our About page, where our dogs do the talking. Stop by our office on any given day, and you might even meet one of our furry friends. You […]Continue Reading


We see it often: we’re setting up a client’s website, and they’re not sure what to write for the “About Us” section. It seems like it would be straightforward, but the simplest copy is often the hardest to get down. Here’s a great place to start. Answer these 5 questions as briefly as possible, and […]Continue Reading