What makes a great logo

We know you’re curious. What makes a logo work?  How much does a logo cost?  What makes a logo great?

With something as subjective as whether someone likes a logo, the answer is nuanced and elusive.  What makes some people appreciate modern art?  What makes some listen to country music, and others jazz?  Let’s be honest, advertising and design are art forms that are judged by an accountant.

So rather than try to answer those questions, let’s look at some best practices we’ve learned after 40+ years in the biz.  Back in the day, we would always design a logo in black and white, and make sure it worked in the worst possible reproductions. That would include a fax machine.  If the logo still looked good coming out of a beat-up fax machine, it was a pretty good sign.  Today, many people have lost that mindset.  We often see logos on sponsor pages, where some logos jump off the page, and others are barely legible.

We still try hard to make sure every logo we create looks great in even the worst possible scenarios, and we’re often excited to see where our logos end up.  This image from our friends at Peak2Brew really made us smile.

Maybe the new litmus test of a great logo is how it looks when made out of snow.

by Joe Romanelli, President
(Hear what his dog has to say about him)