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“Should I change my logo?”

This is one of the hardest questions facing management. CMOs, CEOs, and owners often sense that they need a change, but decide to forgo it when the cost of items like packaging, collateral, signage, etc. are calculated. Below are a few key reasons to consider a logo change. We know the cost of changing a logo can be significant. The cost of not changing a logo can be even higher if you’re losing credibility, relevancy, and of course…customers.

Merger, Acquisition, or Expansion – These are the more obvious reasons that often necessitate a logo change.

Technically Problematic – Logos must “work” in a wide variety of applications, from billboards to email signatures, and even the occasional crappy fax machine (yup, they still exist).

Readability or Scalability – Along those same lines, it’s always important to think about your logo in terms of readability and scalability.

Outdated – Time changes everything. It’s probably not a wise decision to wait and hope that your outdated logo will take on a retro feel if you stay in business long enough. This can also happen because your logo simply no longer resonates with a changing audience.

Change – Businesses and organizations evolve. In most cases, this is the biggest reason to take a hard look at your current logo. So ask yourself: does the logo still accurately and adequately represent the organization? 

There are tons of other reasons. Please share yours in the comments. We’ve been helping brands create, update, and evolve since 1973. Ourselves included.

by Joe Romanelli, President
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