Utica Coffee Roasting Co.

Wake the Hell Up

An entrepreneur came to us with a dream of building his young company from the “grounds” up (sorry). Our research helped us understand the edgy attitude and fanatical devotion to our nation’s favorite brew that would define his brand. No clean, sterile logo with a polite slogan. Utica Coffee Roasting Co. (UCR) wanted to wake up the community (one person at a time) in a big way. Their straightforward messaging, local feel, and fun approach to business made this a brand we believe in.

To help catapult the business from small coffee shop to wholesale distributor and online retailer, we redefined the brand, and launched marketing efforts on multiple fronts, starting with grassroots promotions. From packaging to merchandise, we gave the business a solid brand around which sleep-deprived fans could rally. Web promotions and sales were supported by print, digital, and social media efforts.

Armed with great coffee, a strong message, and a video we produced to tell their story, UCR has taken their region by storm. They have expanded into new product lines, wholesale distribution, and growing online sales, prompting a brand expansion. Dispensaries are popping up in grocery chains, their coffee is being served in regional restaurants, and they’re already taking their online business to the next energy level. We like kCoffee packagingnowing we have helped a great small business grow.



Visit their website: wakethehellup.com

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