Preswick Glen

Live the Life You Deserve

When this relatively new independent senior living community asked us to work with them, they had experienced a slow beginning. To turn things around, they brought in new management, marketing, and staff. They wanted to take a different approach than other independent living communities, with a goal of increasing occupancy to 85%, a significant challenge. Their community and services were first-rate, but their message and public image didn’t match.

We applied a full range of marketing efforts: traditional for their primary demographic, and digital for adult children of that audience. Our research found that seniors’ biggest desire was continued independence. These healthy, intelligent, active people don’t want to be “managed”. Preswick Glen provides many activity options; supports local shopping, arts, and civic functions; and treats residents like friends and neighbors, with a say in how the community is run. Our work embraced their exclusive nature and unique culture.

Promotions feature empowering phrases and images reinforcing independence, often using the words of residents themselves, who are overwhelmingly thrilled to be living there. We promote popular open houses with music, gourmet food, and no overt sales pitch. Marketing efforts include everything from outdoor to broadcast, and digital and social platforms, all of which reinforce a consistent message: at Preswick Glen, you can Live the Life You Deserve.

Word has spread, and everyone from community leaders to business owners have flocked to the community. We helped them surpass the 85% occupancy goal four months ahead of schedule, and they’re now managing a growing waiting list. Overall the community has mirrored the messages of the current campaign; to discover what makes Preswick Glen special. 

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