North River Dry Goods

Crunchy Yellow Peas

To work on a company’s brand from the ground up is a rare opportunity. It makes everything feel more like a partnership, or even a valued relationship. North River Dry Goods (NRDG) is one of those relationships where they came to us on day one, and we’re happy they did.

The company name was chosen as a nod to the most southern part of the Hudson River. The nautical feel of the logo and packaging were a direct result of this decision. Since this was a young company, NRDG wanted to start with one product, and Crunchy Yellow Peas was born. A unique snack made of split peas like no other. Utilizing unique and powerful colors, the package designs simply popped off the shelves. 

NRDG’s goals were quite high from the start and we were happy to help them to reach as high as they have. We look forward to more products being developed, and can’t wait to see the product on shelves throughout the country.

Oh, did we mention these snacks are also delicious?


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