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JETNET is a company dedicated to information and intelligence gathering, with a host of online and software applications. We have worked with this stellar firm for nearly 30 years, and helped them become a market leader. Our work for them bridges the intangible nature of a software-based business, and their position as a technology-forward service provider. In addition to branding, we have continually updated the look and reach of their website, trade shows, traditional and digital advertising and promotions, press relations, and events.

Our branding for them represents a best-in-category business with cool confidence: a quiet powerhouse that leads with understatement, characterized by a cool grey, black, and blue palette, clean no-nonsense design, and (dare we say it) a lofty approach to their messaging.

Early promotions focused on our slogan for them, “Know More”, and used cloudscapes, blue skies, and attention-grabbing graphics depicting business people inspecting planes in flight. Newer representations still use blue skies (or seas when representing their new luxury marine division), with more abstract, airy representations of their high-flying product line.

JETNET continues to grow and expand, with new product lines, acquisitions, and a market share in the stratosphere.


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