First Source

Live Smarter

Rarely has the development of a brand so clearly shown the power of truth. In First Source Federal Credit Union, we had found an ideal partner, just discovering their own brand, ready and willing to allow us to explore it with them, and create powerful ways to tell their stories. 

Although we’ve developed various successful campaigns with First Source over the years, their true strength and familiarity in the community are largely due to a few consistent developments. The overall development of the brand along with the distribution of their message in key markets. Their commercial’s custom music, their campaign’s familiar voiceover talent, and the consistent tone of their message, coupled with precise marketing efforts, make them exceptionally recognized and always visible. Their corporate colors and unique icon are also a contributing factor to their success. We even helped modernize their logo recently to allow for easier readability while allowing for vast printing flexibility, without losing any of the overall feeling of their original look.


First Source started as a Teacher’s Credit Union, so education is at their root. Their mission has always been to educate their consumer, giving them a solid base in the development of their current tagline: Live Smarter. Encouraging Members to be more involved in their finances, and in turn enjoying their lifestyle. From a simple checking account to budgeting for college or a new home, teaching people to live a smarter financial life is precisely who they are. The development of their tagline in two simple words, helps them to be easily remembered, while quickly conveying their primary message.

First Source’s membership has been growing steadily every year, they opened new branches, and they are adapting to the overwhelming success of our integrated marketing efforts. These facts, along with their embrace of their community, we have to say that they truly do Live Smarter every day.

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