Critz Farms

Tradition Starts Here

Critz Farm is a family-owned farm in Cazenovia, NY with a loyal, local customer base. Although they’ve had a loyal following, they were looking to expand their efforts while further developing their personal brand. Over a short period of time, through a social media strategy, a new website, and a refined brand, they quickly saw their recognition rise, along with their bottom line. 

The farm is nestled within rolling hills in a picturesque, rural region outside of Syracuse, NY. With our use of breathtaking drone footage, we helped highlight this unique setting, adding to the organization’s overall charm. Along with these videos, we also developed a more modern website to help facilitate their online presence. Also, the rebranding of their logo was crucial. 

Critz had developed several logos over their years for various parts of the farm. As the farm grew, their brand fragmented a bit. We developed a common vehicle to deliver all aspects of the farm, under a simple, versatile solution. Not only are they now perceived with a more unified look, the brand better represents their quality which has directly helped their bottom line. Having one of their most successful seasons in years.



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