You’ve heard “Content is king”, but you might be wondering, “How do I keep creating engaging content for my social platforms and website?”

Content falls into 2 basic categories: Time-Sensitive and Evergreen.

Time-Sensitive content is of the moment. A fun or interesting topic, news about a staff member, your attendance at an event, or a hot subject in the news, like politics. This content tells readers something about you and your brand, what you value, and how you think. Put someone on it right away, make a social post, and let it rip. You’re done. No further work required.

Evergreen content is solid, well-researched information about an issue of lasting importance, and relevant to your business, your brand, and your clients. Something to be filed under “reference material”, to be searched again and again. If done right, Evergreen content makes you an authority on a topic. Create a short blog about it, then post a teaser on social media with a link to the blog. Make it interesting, readable, and SEO-friendly. Every so often, post about it—and link to it—again, and see your readership grow.

Keep a regular mix of both Time-Sensitive and Evergreen content flowing with new ideas from your staff. How? Read about it in our #SmallTalk Sessions blog.

by Joe Romanelli, President
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