Critical times call for a new approach.

The world is changing. The economy is changing. Your industry, your clients’ industries, the present landscapes, future outlooks, and even your community, are all changing. On some level or another, everything is. You’re likely going to have to adapt to how you operate to help both your clients and yourself.

This time is critical to do the right thing. But what is that? Okay then. It’s time to do the good thing. It’s always easier to know what’s good and what’s not rather than what’s right and what’s wrong. So, what is a good thing to do right now that allows your business to adapt to the current situation? Well, there’s a few right off the bat.

1. Keep Communicating. Talk to your customers. Let them know you are still there for them.

2. Be Transparent. How you are dealing with the pandemic? Let people know how you are handling your operations while keeping both your employees and the public safe.

3. Public Service. Offer advice to help people do more from home and help your clients be more efficient from home.

4. Be A Source of Information. Be a reliable news source to your customers and your community by keeping followers informed of the most current information regarding the virus and how it may affect any of them or your business. According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Brands and the Coronavirus, 84% of people questioned said they want brands to play this role. They want to know what’s up. 

5. Focus on Solutions. When the news is not so great, focus on solutions. In the same study, again, 84% said they want their brands to focus on advertising how the products or services can help people cope with pandemic-related life challenges. Also, 77% want at least to see their brands show that they are aware of the crisis and the impact it is having on people’s lives. Think outside the box if you have to but it’s empathetic to let everyone know that you’re in this together.

6. Offer Optional Services. Offer discounts, curbside service, extra assistance, discounted delivery, expanded online and mobile services…whatever works efficiently and safely for you and for your clients. Keep traffic moving smoothly, safely, and consistently.

These are just a few ideas. They’re good things to do and maybe right now, that makes them the right things to do. At the very least, they can make your clients’ lives easier, your customers’ feel great about supporting you, your business running, your employees working and before you know it, your new normal will be just that-normal. Sometimes it takes a new approach to make things that way again. 

Now is one of those times.