A Brand We Believe In

Waking the Hell Up: Utica Coffee Roasting, Co., a Brand We Believe In, has credited us with playing a pivotal role in their success. We admit that we’re addicted.

We have a rule we follow in forming partnerships with clients: we make sure each of them is a Brand We Believe In. They stand for positive change, good business practices, and a fundamental desire to make the world a better place.

Logo and tagline

Utica Coffee Roasting, Co. (UCR), a homegrown coffee roasting and distribution company, was launched, appropriately enough, on the premise that they would make the community a better place for small businesses and their neighbors. UCR caters to coffee purists and enthusiasts with originally sourced beans, fresh roasting in-house, and delicious coffee.

After getting the venture off the ground, they came to us for branding assistance. Spending time with the founder and owner, Frank Elias, convinced us of their brand-worthiness, and gave us an insight into how we would brand them.

“Working with Romanelli was much more than an agency-client relationship,” Frank says. “They’re an active partner, taking our ideas and running with them, suggesting new revenue streams, new ways to build my business, and always giving me new ideas for becoming more successful.”

In a promotional video short we produced featuring his business (below), Frank calls our edgy branding “critical” to his success. We captured not only his attitude about coffee, but his belief in rousing the area from complacency: Wake the Hell Up!

From the logo and tagline to packaging, advertising, website, and online commerce, we’ve helped this phenomenal brand grow from a tiny local startup to a regional powerhouse with new products, a growing presence in restaurants and grocers, two retail locations, a thriving mail-order business, and a stellar reputation. It’s been a welcome addiction to our client list.

by Joe Romanelli, President
(Hear what his dog has to say about him)