A company dedicated to information and intelligence gathering, with a host of online and software applications, doesn’t easily lend itself to a physical presence. Trade shows are one of the rare tangible ways JETNET connected with their clients (and potential clients), so their trade show presences become the full expression of the brand we have developed for them.

As a market leader, this best-in-category business has represented the epitome of cool confidence, a quiet powerhouse that leads with characteristic understatement. Our brand for them has grown to be represented by a cool grey, black and blue palette, clean confident design, and (dare we say it) a lofty approach to their message.

Early promotions focused on our new slogan for them, “Know More”, and used cloudscapes, blue skies and attention-grabbing graphics depicting business-people inspecting planes in flight. Newer representations show professionals “where to look” for all the information they need, with hidden aircraft revealed. Their trade show booths have become expressions of this dynamic, with light, airy representations of their high-flying product line, skies above and confident testimonials on the tarmac below.

JETNET continues to grow and expand, with new product lines, acquisitions and market share in the stratosphere.