Rarely has the development of a brand so clearly shown the power of the truth. In this Federal Credit Union, we had found an ideal partner, just discovering their own brand, ready and willing to allow us to explore it with them and create powerful ways to tell their story.

We knew early on that their strength lie in their ability to make personal connections with their Members. We made their brand all about relationships, and everything from graphics to copy, ads and promotions reflected that feeling. The graphics we developed for their visuals became “the hug”, and first generation ads looked like Match.com video dating ads. All to help explore the relationship you establish with First Source.

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The hug came back in a big way, as we developed it into a character, the Hug, who personified the fun, approachable way the Credit Union embraces its Members, and makes your financial relationship as warm as your personal ones. From branding to the way employees greet and treat Members and potential Members, the relationship approach permeated everything First Source did, and it rang true in the communities they served.

The Hug’s role has expanded with more ads and personal appearances. Social media content now also includes personal messages from staff, and testimonials from Members. First Source’s membership is at capacity, and they opened 2 new branches during the recession, both reflecting the warm embrace of the brand in their designs, colors, graphics and atmospheres. It’s a marriage made in heaven.