There’s a new celebrity in town! He’s warm, he’s fuzzy, and he’s giving out hugs. No, it’s not Jon Bon Jovi. He’s known as the “Hug”, and you may have already seen him in the first part of a new campaign we’re launching with a great client, First Source Federal Credit Union. He represents their personal approach to banking. You’ll see his face on the web and billboards, catch him handing out hugs and sound advice to people on TV, and maybe meet him in person around town. Like First Source, he adds a mix of warmth, caring and humor to our financial lives. So keep an eye out for him in the weeks and months ahead. You may even be inspired to hug someone. The Hug will bring a little fun into your life, and maybe teach you something about personal finance, too. Haven’t seen him yet? See him in a new TV spot.