Saranac Launches New Website, Online Merchandising and Social Initiatives

Retailers are finding it more important than ever to reach out to their customers and potential customers online. Store displays are a great way to reach shoppers, but today’s sophisticated consumers also expect an immersive online experience, with the opportunity for feedback, shared experiences through blogs, photos and video, interactive tools, and entertainment, as well as merchandise and product information. F.X. Matt Brewery has embraced this trend, and is drinking deeply of the social marketing brew. With the help of a new website and companion merchandising site from Romanelli, Saranac is winning more fans, and business, every day.

We’ve helped them launch Saranac pages on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, where visitors can see the latest television spots, share stories and opinions on their own Saranac experiences, and find out more about Saranac’s upcoming music events, awards and news. Older and younger fans alike have also found a special interest page on YouTube featuring Schultz & Dooley, talking steins who starred in wildly popular television spots from the Brewery’s past. The unlikely German and Irish pair helped put the Brewery on the national map with Utica Club, one of their flagship traditional brands.

Beer drinkers throughout Saranac’s distribution regions are visiting and its social media sites in record numbers to read and share opinions about new beers, enter contests, provide feedback on the Brewery’s products, and become better brand messengers. They’re also spending more time purchasing Saranac merchandise online, and spreading the word as they share a few cold ones with fellow craft brew afficionados. Irish Red, anyone?

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