When I posted updates from the Media Truck ahead of the Women’s Marathon yesterday, I set a positive tone, excited to be a part of this historic event. As I’m sure you know, what started as a day of great promise became one of profound tragedy, as bombings shook the finish of the course, killing or injuring dozens of runners and spectators. The women’s race was done, and I was a few blocks from the finish when the strike came. I ran back to get as close as I could, to see what I could possibly do. It’s difficult to describe the horror of the scene and the raw emotions of those who were close by when the blast occurred. Our local radio station interviewed me by phone, covering most of my thoughts not long after the events. It was a reminder that we must keep our resolve; we witnessed one terrible act of cowardice, but thousands of acts of courage and kindness in the aftermath. Join me and my staff in offering our thoughts and support to those who are recovering, and to those still working to solve this despicable crime.