The Ride for Missing Children is May 18, 2012. A 100+ mile bike ride to keep our children safe by raising awareness of missing and exploited children, and raising funds for missing children posters. An organization we’ve been proud to be a part of since its inception 16 years ago. Not sure there’s a brand out there that we could believe in more.

This year we teamed up with their Luminary Sponsor, First Source Federal Credit Union (another brand we truly believe in) to help raise even more awareness through a series of testimonials by actual riders. These commercials have been shared extensively online as well. We still think we could all do an even better job to help the Ride by sharing these videos. So join me in sharing for what we feel is a very worthy cause. Below you’ll see the videos, along with a way to easily share each online (look at the button in the upper right of each video while playing and click ”share”). Thank you, and good luck to all Riders!