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We’re having an amazing time at SXSW and are overwhelmed by the amount of great content and great people that we’ve met. We’ll be doing more comprehensive recaps soon, but here’s a quick taste of our impressions so far.Continue Reading


This past week I had the chance to sit down with Rick Short, director of Marketing / Communications at Indium Corp. Rick has been blogging and using social media to help Indium build contacts and grow its business well before social was on the map. The conversation was so good, we had to break it […]Continue Reading


Boston artist Ryan Montbleau (who is in heavy rotation on our office sound system) has taken an innovative approach to booking a small house concert tour. Combining social marketing, e-mail blasts, and eBay, he’s giving his fans the chance to bid up for a series of private shows… More info: Official Ryan Montbleau Site E-bay […]Continue Reading




I had the privelage of seeing Seth Godin give a presentation at The 99% Conference in NYC this past spring. He’s a brilliant marketer and speaker with tons of great information. Here’s an embed of his talk on the importance of Tribes from TED 2009. By the way, Seth also has a great blog with […]Continue Reading



For nearly 35 years, Romanelli has produced compelling video content for our clients. Today our capabilities span the full spectrum of the medium’s potential, from full length video and tv ads to online viral projects and Flash animations. From concept to execution, every work is specific to the audience, client, product and medium. Click here […]Continue Reading


Romanelli Communications recently launched the viral marketing campaign, “I Love U” to promote the upcoming Utica Music Fest (UMF). The event will take place in Utica, September 18th – 20th, 2008. The I Love U campaign was posted to YouTube just 2 weeks ago and has already received a 5-star rating and over 3,000 views. […]Continue Reading