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Be a finder and share what you know. Watch the video Ryan put together on the bands we experienced at SXSW here. Read about the bands we experienced here on Bernie’s blog here. To view when Hair of the Dog is on air, check that out here. Check out Ryan’s music here. Don’t forget to […]Continue Reading


Everyone keeps talking about Twitter. Love it or hate it, it’s a really powerful tool to connect to people around the world.  And like lots of new technologies it has its spammers, its haters, and a huge group of people who just don’t understand how it can connect them to the global conversation that’s happening […]Continue Reading


You’ve heard about the ‘Long Tail’ and how the web has brought out millions and millions of small communities. And its true.  Maybe there’s not a huge group of left handed people in your stores buying left-handed notebooks… But there are entire communities online devoted to being left-handed.  There’s blogs and groups for power parachuting, […]Continue Reading