Did you have a favorite Super Bowl ad this year? As ad folks, we of course had to weigh in. So were any of them worth the $50M it cost for 30 seconds of air time?

We’re hearing a lot of disappointment this year, but we beg to differ! When deciding if a spot worked, consider:

  • Was it memorable?
  • Did it make you think or react? Laugh, cry, or sigh?
  • Did it make you want to take action?

Answer yes? Then, hey, it worked!

There’s an easy way to tell if the ad didn’t work, as well:

  • You didn’t remember it. If it didn’t stick with you, it just didn’t work.
  • You remembered the ad, but not what (or whom) it was for.
  • You remembered it, and but won’t act. Recall means nothing if you don’t “buy” the product, organization, or idea.
  • This one’s controversial: If you remembered it, but it left you with a negative opinion. Not all publicity is good publicity. Many businesses have been destroyed by negative publicity.

Below are just a few we thought stood out. They made us happy (wieners), take notice (domestic violence), even creeped us out and made us laugh at the same time (Mtn. Dew).

What were your favorites? Share, and tell us why!


Bud Light:

Toyota Prius:

Mountain Dew Kickstart:


Heinz Ketchup:


Text Talk:


National Congress of American Indians: