What’s the first thing any of us wants to do when we discover something new to love? Share it with others. A great new restaurant, a phenomenal movie…you want to tell everyone you know (and, let’s face it, take some credit for sharing the benefits). That was the inspiration behind a site we created with First Source Federal Credit Union, a client for whom we love to spread the love: we want to recommend it to our friends.

It sounds like a shameless plug, but visit them and you quickly see how much nicer they are than your old bank. Sure, they have all the standard services, accounts, etc., but they’re polite, they treat you well, and you walk out thinking you just had coffee with an old friend. Yes, you can even grab a coffee while you’re there. What’s not to love?

So we set up SwitchToFirst.org, a page that makes it easy for people looking to bag their old bank and open accounts where the terms don’t keep changing on a daily basis. The banks give us enough reasons to switch, so why wait? We like to vote with our feet.

First Source has told us that 32 people have already made it to the site to start their switch to First. Sounds like good ideas spread quickly.