Learn how our donation to animal shelters magically grew this year

Those of you who know us know we’re dog people. If you’re not sure, check out our About page, where our dogs do the talking. Stop by our office on any given day, and you might even meet one of our furry friends. You also might know that a few years ago, we started a holiday tradition here at Romanelli Communications: instead of giving cheesy gifts to each other from Secret Santa, we each contribute money toward an agency donation to a local shelter or animal rescue organization. To us, it’s like giving to family. In fact, that’s no stock photo above; it’s the latest addition to our agency family, Margaret Sanger Romanelli, a rescue dog.

This year, we had a great opportunity to multiply our efforts, and join one of the Brands We Believe In, client Staffworks, in their holiday “Save a Life” campaign. For the month of December, the Staffworks Charitable Fund (through the Community Foundation) has been matching 100% of every donation. Our staff each contributed, Romanelli matched their donations, and the Staffworks Charitable Fund matched all that yet again!

So this year we’re giving back to our community, which is getting many times the benefit, giving our animal companions a happier holiday, and supporting some hardworking folks as well—the tireless shelter and rescue staff who do so much for unfortunate animals in our area.

Hey, here’s an idea: why not join us, and throw a little love their way as part of your holiday giving? And maybe even pay your local shelter a visit to say hello. The life you change for the better…may be your own.

Happy holidays!