Few of the Brands We Believe In touch us emotionally like The Ride for Missing Children. The original Ride was inspired by an abducted local girl years ago, and my father, Don Romanelli, was among the original organizers. As individuals and as an organization, we have participated in and provided promotional support for the Ride as it has grown to be one of the largest charity events in New York State, inspiring regional Rides around New York and in other states. This year’s Ride is this coming Friday, May 20th. If you’re nearby, find a place along the route (PDF) and cheer on our Riders, and be sure to wave to Katie from our office, who handles PR for the Ride and all media relations that day. She’ll be tweeting and posting to Facebook throughout the day from the Ride’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, using #RFMC. And consider giving generously—your funds go to creating missing children posters and supporting our local chapter, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children — New York/Mohawk Valley. Help us in this great cause: making our children safer…one child at a time.