Here’s a great, fun idea to keep me (and hopefully you) motivated to train for this year’s Boilermaker Road Race: the Romanelli Beer Run. We love running and we love beer. And after many years of running the Boilermaker, which of course ends with several Saranacs, we feel like our training runs just aren’t complete until we sit back with a cold one.

“Like” us on the Romanelli Facebook page and click on the Beer Run Contest tab to get started. The rest is easy:

1. Run
2. Have a Saranac—or your beverage of choice
3. Post a pic and tell us about your run on our Beer Run Facebook Tab
4. Have your friends “Like” your pics
5. Maybe win a sweet Nike+ SportWatch GPS
6. Join us at the Boilermaker after-party in Boilermaker Square at the beer truck!