Our work with this cause began years ago, with the tragic abduction of a young girl in our community. A group of dedicated local bicyclists rode to our nation’s capital, as a way to bring attention to the plight of missing and exploited children, and spur legislation to help protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Our agency founder, Don Romanelli, worked with that first group, and a long historic partnership has developed. We created the logo the Riders still wear today, and over the years have developed a strong, recognizable brand for the cause. Local and regional residents have learned the Ride’s colors, pink and blue, and respond to the posters, promotional materials and event every year in greater numbers.

We’ve expanded its reach, with public relations and distinctive, Ride-branded messages of hope and resolve. The ranks of Riders must be limited every year to just over 400, and thousands of schoolchildren and community members line the 100-mile route, all contributing funds and support to the cause.

Many children have been returned to their families as a result of our combined efforts, and many more have learned to protect themselves. Sadly, there is still a need for the effort to stay strong, and we work harder every year to strengthen the brand, and the cause, to make our children safer.