This arts center had supported the Central New York arts community for 50 years, though over that time their brand had been diluted. It had become somewhat generic, and was not appealing to a younger audience as powerfully as they wished. We can see their doors across the green from ours, and they’re one of the local institutions that have been around longer than we, so our Creative Director wanted to see what he could do to help them out, from one creative group to another.

We started by learning more about what they offered, and that in itself opened our eyes to the possibilities. They taught or supported almost all of the arts—visual and fine arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, craft), dance, music and film—as well as adult and child fitness classes and performances. They also work with other regional arts organizations to provide outreach and opportunities for artists and arts lovers.

Our first job was creating a new logo for them, to reflect their expanding mission and more youthful appeal. We also introduced a new color palette, used in a new website and in signs and graphics throughout the center. In addition to the website, which included more interactive features, we helped them launch presences on social media, with regular updates on events, and a way to begin a closer dialogue with arts lovers in the community. This engagement is helping them make classes and performances more timely and appealing, and keeping programs relevant to the public’s changing desires.

Enrollment is up, performances are selling out, and we’re turning up the volume.