Our Creative Director, Bernie and our Online Strategist, Ryan, talk about a great event for arts in our community, KAC Rocks, on Saturday, April 2nd from 7pm-10ish. Talk about a brand we believe in: the Kirkland Art Center is a kindred creative organization, and they’re celebrating an amazing 50 years of bringing arts and art education to our community. This event is also a chance to really see the entire KAC: the pottery area, dance studio, painting studio and more. Love music? You can hear (and see) many of our area’s best performers at this one event, including:

Jay Barady & Friends
Strung Sideways
Rattlin’ Bog
Catherine Russo
Nick Salvatore
Ryan Miller
Off the Wall
Beth & Fritz
Joe Sweet
J. Schnitt
Scott Bravo

They’re a true Central New York institution, so check out the Center and the event—both well worth supporting! We hope to see you there.