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We love food. I mean, we love food. We love hot food (where else but Utica can you ask “You like hot?” and everyone knows what you mean). And, we love different food. The spice of life and all that. Though we have some great food in the Utica area, one thing we always need is more food diversity. That’s been changing of late, thank God. An influx of new immigrants means better ethnic diversity.

And then there’s diversity of the homegrown variety, like the Nole Brothers. When they do Italian, they do it uniquely, and probably better than anyone (ever been to Café CaNole? Ancora? That’s them.) So we were salivating when they said they were bringing an authentic French Brasserie and Patisserie to the table (sorry—couldn’t resist) and wanted to collaborate with us on the branding. Ever been to a European café? Great comfort food, phenomenal desserts, and best of all, conversation (and a few bottles of wine) with friends. OK, I just described Simmer, the Noles’ latest restaurant in New Hartford (behind Cavallo’s, next to American Fitness). Right down to the unbelievable desserts, sold next door in the Patisserie.

We worked closely with Jason and Dean to create a name and brand that reflected their vision. The result is a warm and inviting atmosphere, inside and out. But don’t take my word for it— check it out for yourself and experience a little bit of Old Europe, right here in the Mohawk Valley. We’ll be in line right behind you.