We’re putting a new tool to use for our clients. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon be seeing these things everywhere: QR Codes. They’re like bar codes on steroids—they can pack many times more information than traditional bar codes, and launch anything from text to web URLs or video.

What do you do with a QR Code? Easy…

Step 1 – Download a scanning app for your iPhone, Droid or Blackberry (we like scanlife.com)
Step 2 – Launch the app
Step 3 – Scan code with your mobile device
Step 4 – Then wait…any content is possible

You’ll no doubt start to see more of these little suckers anywhere we could use more in-depth information: on products on store shelves, on information kiosks, in advertising, on signage…hell, we could put them on our dogs’ collars with “please return to…” information! The potential uses are endless. Like all great technology, it keeps us thinking in new directions.

What about you? Tell us how you could see QR Codes making your life easier.