betteraskjack_header1Jack O’Trade, a mannequin dressed as a JAY-K Associate, was created by Romanelli to be JAY-K’s handyman, Jack of all trades and unofficial mascot from their wildly popular billboards. They’ve put Jack back in action with a great new job: answering people’s questions. He’s showing up again on billboards, print ads and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, helping make consumers’ homes a better place to live in every way by answering any questions people have about home improvements or repairs, relationships, or even their kids’ homework—anything is fair game. Romanelli hopes to spark more interest in the community as a whole, and demonstrate JAY-K’s ability to answer whatever questions homeowners and contractors face. Their Associate experts are being represented by Jack, and he’s already growing in popularity online and in social media communities.

Anyone can submit questions, as many as they’d like, online at, a landing page created by the agency just for this promotion. Jack responds with an individual email answer to each one. A number of them will even be published on JAY-K’s website, along with Jack’s answers. As an added bonus, JAY-K will be giving out free “BetterAskJack” t-shirts, each with a custom printed message about how Jack helped solve that person’s problem, every week to five randomly-chosen questioners. The conversation, and the fun, have grown with Jack, and JAY-K, at the center of attention.