tweetWe’ve always prided ourselves on embracing the latest in communications tools and strategies, and finding ways to reach more people more effectively for our clients. We’ve been helping them market themselves for over 35 years, and online since 1996, back when the only profitable websites featured gambling or pornography. Fortunately things have changed, and we’re also reaching larger audiences by engaging them interactively through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Customers spend more time online (poker players notwithstanding) and put more of their trust in the information they find there, and we’re guiding our clients to control the conversation more effectively as active participants. As we continue to grow our clients’ and our own online business, we are proud to welcome Ryan Miller, an experienced social media specialist, to our team.

Ryan will be devoting himself full-time to providing our clients and agency with meaningful, targeted and effective online branding and promotions. An admitted web and social media addict, Ryan joins us at a point of critical shift in the global, and local, economy. Businesses are seeing a significant change in how their target audiences gather information on planned purchases and seek out products. They are starting and ending their searches online, seeking out the opinions of friends and fellow consumers along the way. As Ryan works every day within the social media landscape, he will be finding more and better ways for our clients to survive and thrive. He also plays a mean guitar, which is pretty handy after-hours. Welcome to the new frontier.