It’s not often you have a client celebrating their 75th anniversary, especially one that’s still family-owned. We’ve talked often to clients about how to build your brand and connect with customers: it’s so important to tell your story. So we took advantage of a milestone anniversary to tell the story of JAY-K Lumber, local home improvement and lumber retailer.

Every time a client celebrates a milestone, it’s another opportunity to share a personal reflection that reveals more about who they are and why they’re doing what they do. We embraced JAY-K’s past to tell some of their many stories, using “Throwback” deals (retro specials), each courtesy of a different year in their history. Each year from the past comes with a fun look back at simpler times, and another part of their tale. We not only told customers JAY-K’s stories with video remembrances by store staff, but also solicited their stories, memories of visiting the store over the years, to bring the community into the conversation. We also carried the storytelling into social media, using the natural choice of Facebook Timeline (practically designed for the purpose), with old photos, anecdotes and milestones being added throughout the summer.

We’re getting to tell their story like never before, engaging in a conversation with customers past, present and future, and anchoring this retailer more deeply into the communities they serve. Groovy.