We see a lot of logos out there that are ugly, unreadable, or worse, just plain boring. In short, they suck. It’s inspired us to do something radical, something we’ve never seen done before: we’re going to fix it for free. Is your company doing great work? Is your logo just not living up to your true image? You know who you are. This is your chance to take your brand by the horns and do something about it. Take a picture, find a copy of your logo file, make a short video…tell us your story. Go to our mini website DoesYourLogoSuck.com, fill out the form, and send it all in by October 21st. Our winner will be announced on October 26th. Inspire us—tell us how you’re improving people’s lives—and you could win a free logo. Come on, man up and put your name in the hat. Let’s make the world a better place. In style.