One of our pro bono accounts is a kindred spirit of the arts: the Kirkland Art Center, or KAC. Like us, they support art and music, in addition to many forms of creative expression, including sculpture, jewelery-making, dance, yoga, and various fine arts. Did you know they offered all that?

It’s a jewel in our midst, and we wanted to help them shine as they look forward to their 50th Anniversary in 2011. Yes, they’ve been sharing the arts with people in our region for 50 years. In classes, concerts, shows and more, all for the love and creation of art in all its forms. A kick-off event is slated for January of 2011.

We created a 50th Anniversary logo for them, and will continue to help them raise awareness of their programs and offerings in other ways. The logo says a lot about them: they’re celebrating the arts and a special milestone; they are a festive place, and are bursting with wonderful ideas, activities and innovation. Part of this celebration is about the past 50 years of serving arts lovers; the other is a kick-off of the next 50. New people, new ideas, new art forms, and new artists will carry the KAC forward.

KAC Executive Director Annette J. Clarke sees great things ahead. “Over the years we’ve brought many different people together through the arts,” she says. “And that’s how we see the next 50 developing: through the new ideas and energy of our youth, as they rediscover, learn and exchange ideas with those more experienced.”

Bernie Freytag, our own Creative Director, is a new Board Member at KAC, and loves working with a client that holds so many of the same values as we do. “Many of us have backgrounds in the arts, and we know an organization like KAC keeps the fabric of our community rich. There is nothing like the Kirkland Art Center, and the easiest way to show my support was by becoming a Member.”

Join us in celebrating with them. Stop by anytime, and learn more about this great organization. You can also visit them on the web at KirklandArtCenter.org, or call (315) 853-8871 about memberships, donations, and upcoming classes and events.