Don Romanelli started the agency in the Mad Men era, 1973, and never looked back. Sidestepping the heavy drinking and office romance but embracing the creative spark, he only worked with inspiring client brands, helping some of them go international in a few short decades. His son Joe and daughter Beth, sad that the era of drinking and romance had passed, transformed us into the integrated marketing, advertising, and digital agency we are today.

We’ve earned plenty of awards and have our share of great battle scars, but we’re proudest of the growth we’ve helped our clients achieve, from thriving local businesses to national and international firms. We use the latest technology to produce work for every conceivable media, and partner with our clients to revitalize their marketing and business strategies. Pretty cool, right?

We’ve come a long way since Don Draper…er, Romanelli, but we’re still built around what Don always considered our greatest asset: a smart, creative team of problem solvers and storytellers, passionate about working with brands we believe in and helping them grow.

What are we like? Many of us have gone to the dogs. Mostly for advice, affection and wisdom. Since they don’t lie, we asked what the Romanelli dogs have to say about us.