uchockeyAfter a long hiatus, professional hockey is returning to Central New York, not far from our main office. Retired pro Rob Esche was instrumental in starting the AHL Utica Comets, a farm club for the Vancouver Canucks. The team chose us to launch their website with a unique challenge. Without a schedule, or announced players, they needed a website that captured the excitement of the return of hockey to the region, and generate anticipation for the new team.

“[Romanelli has] been very successful in promoting everything from local events to large corporations, and they understand how to build audience and fan loyalty in today’s interactive environment,” said Rob Esche, President of the Utica Comets. “Our team will do their part to put together a successful season, and Romanelli will help us bring our stories to the fans.”

We took it on by launching in two phases: we started with a minimal site to get fans excited and sell season tickets; and once players were recruited and games were scheduled, launch Phase 2 almost instantly with profiles and games, and a growth plan for eventual game photos and highlights, integrated streaming radio broadcasts, player stats, merchandise sales, and ways for the fans to engage more directly with the team. Today’s fans want their updates to keep pace with the fastest game on earth, and we’ve been happy to deliver for the Comets.

Check out the site, and watch for changes as the season progresses!