Does your website make you feel like you threw a great party and nobody came? How do you get people to stop by, and keep coming back, without crashing your website? You want to be popular, but you don’t want disappointed viewers, and a tarnished reputation. We’re helping hometown favorites the Utica Comets—a great brand we believe in, and a team that’s been having a phenomenal season—do all of the above. Here’s our simple 3-step process for getting it done right:

Step 1: Great Design

Take a quick look at the website we created for the Utica Comets. It’s exciting, engaging, and colorful. And by great design, we don’t just mean how it looks. We also built in great interface design: how viewers interact with the site. Go ahead, navigate around the site a bit. Enjoy…(then come back). Easy, huh? Are your most-popular links up front? Is information in bite-sized pieces so you can scan them quickly and navigate easily? Make sure your viewers can find the good stuff easily, and not get lost.

Step 2: New Content

This is a biggie. Here’s your fun homework: stop by the Comets’ page a few times a week in the coming month. What will keep you searching? New content. The Comets are constantly updating the site (and their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with new stats, player info, game coverage, videos, news, and more. It’s never the same when you stop back, and that keeps us visiting.

Step 3: Reliable Hosting

Ideally, your site should never slow down, or go down. Are they sometimes unavoidable? Yes, but they should be very rare, and quickly fixed. Take our advice: reliable hosting, on a server that can handle heavy traffic, is worth it. When your site goes down, or slows down too much to be of any use, how will you measure the cost of lost customers?

Wonder if it all really works?

You tell us. Check out the October stats for the Comets’ website: 141,000 visits, and 370,000 page views.

That’s just one month. In a city of 50-60,000. Hey, we’re big hockey fans here! And we keep coming back for more.