When local news station WKTV was working on a story about how non-profits are using social networks, they also contacted our agency and talked with Ryan Miller who is our Online Strategist. We’re believers in the power of community and are helping businesses and organizations connect with customers and participate in the conversations that are […]Continue Reading


Boston artist Ryan Montbleau (who is in heavy rotation on our office sound system) has taken an innovative approach to booking a small house concert tour. Combining social marketing, e-mail blasts, and eBay, he’s giving his fans the chance to bid up for a series of private shows… More info: Official Ryan Montbleau Site E-bay […]Continue Reading


Bernie’s back – guest blogging again for Karen-Goldfarb.com about our campaigns with JAY-K, a local home improvement retailer.  We’ve been helping them take on the big box stores successfully for several years now by highlighting the expertise of their employees as well as using some very unconventional branding in the form of Jack O’ Trade. […]Continue Reading



Our Creative Director Bernie Freytag did a piece for Karen-Goldfarb.com.  Bernie talks about the work that our agency has done with First Source Federal Credit Union, tailoring their message to highlight the relationships they have with their customers. It’s a message that not only showcases what makes First Source unique, but also has reinforced a […]Continue Reading


Joe and his wife Susan are proud to have gotten involved with Equitas, Inc on a project to build clean-water wells in Malawi. Equitas, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Charlotte, North Carolina that exists to be the catalyst for grassroots movements focused on providing relief and advocacy in three primary areas: poverty, clean […]Continue Reading


You’ve heard about the ‘Long Tail’ and how the web has brought out millions and millions of small communities. And its true.  Maybe there’s not a huge group of left handed people in your stores buying left-handed notebooks… But there are entire communities online devoted to being left-handed.  There’s blogs and groups for power parachuting, […]Continue Reading




I had the privelage of seeing Seth Godin give a presentation at The 99% Conference in NYC this past spring. He’s a brilliant marketer and speaker with tons of great information. Here’s an embed of his talk on the importance of Tribes from TED 2009. By the way, Seth also has a great blog with […]Continue Reading