What’s the first thing any of us wants to do when we discover something new to love? Share it with others. A great new restaurant, a phenomenal movie…you want to tell everyone you know (and, let’s face it, take some credit for sharing the benefits). That was the inspiration behind a site we created with […]Continue Reading


You’re not reading this blog, because it doesn’t exist. That’s right—I’m not writing a blog this week, in honor of Labor Day, a national day of rest (why they call a day of rest “Labor Day” is another story). Anyway, I’m celebrating by NOT writing this blog. So you are not reading this, and you’re […]Continue Reading


Why can’t more of my assignments take me to Key West? I’m sure you’ve all asked yourselves the same thing. Turns out we found a great project for the agency that combined a few of my favorite things: beer, beaches and sun, all at the Key West Brewfest. It’s a fun way to celebrate the […]Continue Reading


[slidepress gallery=’simmer1′] We love food. I mean, we love food. We love hot food (where else but Utica can you ask “You like hot?” and everyone knows what you mean). And, we love different food. The spice of life and all that. Though we have some great food in the Utica area, one thing we […]Continue Reading


Joe Romanelli interviews Jack O’Trade, the strong, silent type of marketing icon we created (and who now has a life of his own) for local home improvement center JAY-K. Jack has generated a lot of buzz on his way to becoming a local celebrity, and now he’s back in a big way to help launch […]Continue Reading


Kelly Jensen, the first winner in our iPod Nano Giveaway, stopped in to 1st Draft, our pub & studio, to collect her prize, give us a few minutes of her time, and talk briefly with our own Ryan Miller about her recent Boilermaker run. She’ll be kicking her training up a notch for next year’s […]Continue Reading


Look at that man. Now back to me. Now back at that man. Now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me. But I love his work, and his agency’s approach to marketing. Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice and the Wieden + Kennedy team have made a manly, magical work. They found their moment, and they seized […]Continue Reading


Congratulations to Kelly (Johnson) Jensen, the first winner in our iPod Nano Giveaway (that includes the Nike+ running-to-music system). She’ll be rocking the open road to her new iPod.  We first digitally narrowed our field to a random selection of 5 possibles from several thousand of our fans; you can see in the video how […]Continue Reading


The only thing better than Utica’s Boilermaker 15K Road Race, the nation’s largest 15K, is the nation’s best post-race party, put on by client Saranac. What does it take? Try 40,000 runners, family and friends, 250 kegs of Saranac Pomegranate Wheat and great music (oh, and a lot of work by dedicated volunteers!) We shot […]Continue Reading


Every year our community turns out to support the Boilermaker 15K Road Race, a race we helped turn into the nation’s largest in middle distance running. This amazing regional and national event holds a special place in our agency history, since we created the original logo and branding, and worked PR and promotions for the […]Continue Reading