We see it often: we’re setting up a client’s website, and they’re not sure what to write for the “About Us” section. It seems like it would be straightforward, but the simplest copy is often the hardest to get down. Here’s a great place to start.

Answer these 5 questions as briefly as possible, and you’ll have the start of a captivating, concise description of your company.

  1. When and how did you start?
    Were you founded in 1973 by Don Romanelli, with a few devoted clients and a dream? (Oh, wait, that’s us.) As briefly as possible, tell your founding story.

  2. What products or services do you provide (and to whom)?
    Are you a provider of fine porcelain tchotchkes to the dollar store industry? (OK, we just wanted to use the word “tchotchke” in a sentence.)

  3. What big events have marked your growth from humble beginnings to today’s corporation?
    No matter how small or large you are, how old or young, you’ve no doubt had a few seminal events in your history. Won a big national account? Received local awards? Been honored somehow? Write down the high points.

  4. What is your brand all about?
    We work with brands we believe in. How about you? What’s your mission? What is it you’re in business to do? Keep it short and un-corporate.

  5. Let your personality show.
    OK, this isn’t a question, but every business has a personality. Fun and creative? Sharp and efficient? Friendly and nurturing? Make sure yours shines through in your About Us section.

Most important of all, keep it short and simple. A few short paragraphs is perfect. And make it interesting enough that you’d like to read it. Here’s a challenge: try to avoid using words like “value”, “quality”, “service”, “caring” and “integrity”. They’re overused, and have all but lost their meaning in today’s corporate world. Use plain language, the way you’d describe your business to someone at a cocktail party. Or send it over, and we’ll see what we can do to help. Good luck!