We’re making a case that the most humbling and inspiring experience in sports is…the Boston Marathon. Without the polish of the Super Bowl, or the hype of the NCAA Finals, the Marathon, or just “Boston” as it’s known to runners, is the pinnacle of distance running. It is one of international sports’ biggest, oldest, most diverse events. And it has a heart like few events in competitive sports.

Runners work for years to qualify, and rightfully brag when they make the cut. Spectators talk about the life-changing experience of seeing the most dedicated among us along the course: serious, world-class runners, wheelchair and impaired athletes, everyday heroes from every nationality, religion, and walk of life, blind runners with guides navigating 26.2 miles along crowded city streets…all amazing us with their unstoppable spirits. All supported by our nation’s best: the organizers and staff, military, police, first responders and medical personnel, and a sea of selfless volunteers. It’s a perfect microcosm of the best that humanity has to offer.

We’ve been working the Marathon in various forms for years, and we love sharing our inspiring photos with you. On this beautiful day, we hope that in some small way, they help give you a feel for the truly diverse field of runners, and the uplifting experience that is Boston.

Maybe you’ll dig a little deeper, into the amazing stories that find their heart and soul in the runners who live them. Maybe you’ll get outside and walk—or run—for the first time this season. Maybe you’ll time yourself, and start secretly keeping track of your own personal best time. And the race that is legend in the international running community will lift you up a little.