It’s always exciting to see a Brand We Believe In become successful, and we’ve been helping Utica Coffee Roasting Company (UCR) blow the doors off. They have all the ingredients of a brand we love to work with: locally owned, with a goal bigger than just being profitable—they want to help expand the economy in our hometown. When we started working with founder Frank Elias, we loved his attitude: he wanted to grow a no-compromises business around great coffee, that made some noise and kicked the big brands in the ass. We worked with him to create a brand that stands out and isn’t afraid to make some noise. A unique logo that doesn’t look like anyone else’s coffee, and a tagline that reflects the attitude of UCR and its customers, serious coffee drinkers. Since launching the new identity, they’ve expanded their store hours, opened shelf space in grocery stores, and put more coffee into local restaurants. We filmed and edited this video entirely in-house, another great example of the kind of chops we bring to the table for our clients. This is the first of a series of new client profiles, so it’s only right to start with some good strong coffee.